Dialysis Concentrates

High quality hemodialysis concentrates made by Chief Medical Supplies, in Canada, with water exceeding CSA requirements for purity.  Ideal for hemodiafiltration or any application where ultrapure water is required.

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Water Treatment

Lauer Aquaboss water treatment equipment is designed to produce the highest quality water for dialysis while lowering the cost of operation compared to other systems.

Dialysis Machines

The B.Braun Dialog+ hemodialysis machine lets you spend less time setting up, and more time with the patient.

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Dialysis Concentrates

Ultra high quality dialysis concentrates made in Canada.

Dialysis Equipment

The world’s leading dialysis machines, chairs and meters.

Home Patient Services

Effortless home patient supplies logistics and delivery.


Leading performance from your choice of wet or dry dialyzers.

Fistula Needles

Easy to use needles designed with practitioner safety in mind.


Disinfectants and descalers for dialysis machines, and surface disinfectants.

Water Treatment Systems

Production of high quality water with a low cost of ownership.

CSA Water Testing

Post-disinfection water sample verification services.

Test Strips

Water test strips to check for residual chemicals.

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