RMA Policy

This Return Policy applies to any medical devices and pharmaceutical products manufactured, marketed and sold by Chief Medical Supplies (CMS) Ltd.  This Return Policy does not apply to products purchased from a distributor. Customers who purchase indirectly through a distributor must look to their distributors’ policies for the terms of any returns, credits, exchanges or replacements.

Before any product is returned to Chief Medical Supplies (CMS), a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number must be obtained from a CMS Customer Service Representative (CSR) by contacting the office. The customer will need their CMS’s original invoice number, their original purchase order number and the return authorization number to obtain a RMA number. Goods must be returned in full, unopened, undamaged, original CMS packaging and customer must provide adequate documentation to ensure that the product was properly stored and transported. The documentation required will include, but not limited to, evidence that the goods were handled, maintained and stored properly at all times; stored at the original delivered site, in the original, unopened and undamaged package; stored and handled in a sanitary manner; stored and handled to avoid contamination of any kind; and stored, handled and transported at the temperature indicated on the good’s label.


CMS may accept returns of the following products for credit, exchange or replacement, as applicable, provided that all terms and conditions below and elsewhere in this Return Policy are met.

      ·         SHIPPING ERRORS: Claims for products that are incorrectly shipped by CMS or shipped in excess of the amount ordered must be made to CMS within forty-eight (48) hours of discovery, not to exceed five (5) business days from date of receipt. The CSR will issue a Return Authorization Number and provide the product conditions listed above.

      ·         DEFECTIVE PRODUCT: Claims for products that are defective must be made to CMS within forty-eight (48) hours of discovery, not to exceed ten (10) business days from date of receipt.  Any visible damage should be noted on the carrier’s bill upon receipt of the order and should place a request for the carrier’s inspector to view the goods in question at that point. DO NOT REFUSE THE SHIPMENT. Refusing the shipment will void CMS’s right to claim reimbursement for damages. REFUSED SHIPMENTS DUE TO DAMAGE WILL NOT BE CREDITED. Contact the CMS CSR and report the product damage. A representative will issue a credit note or a replacement order. 

       Upon discovery of any concealed damage after accepting delivery, immediately, but in no event ten (10) working days after delivery, contact the CMS CSR and report such damage. Upon verification of the damage, a representative will issue a credit note or a replacement order.


·         Expired products.

·         Broken, marked or damaged due to negligence or improper storage.

·         Product involved in a fire or flood or other hazards.

·         Unexpired product, which has been repackaged, over labeled or reconstituted.

·         Customer order errors.

·         Products shipped for clinical evaluations free of charge to customer.

·         Products purchased on a non-refundable basis.

·         Product shipped in error but not reported to CMS within 5 working days.

Mechanical devices (such as machines) are generally covered by a one-year parts and labour warranty (expressed in a separate policy statement). General consumables and disposable items (such as gloves and masks) that fail to perform as intended, may be returned to the supplier (freight arranged by the supplier). Some consumables and disposables are regarded as medical devices or pharmaceuticals by Health Canada and may be subject to a formal recall process, which is handled in accordance with a CMS SOP.

CMS reserves the sole right to determine whether products qualify for return, credit, exchange or replacement pursuant to the terms of this Return Policy. Disposal fees may be applicable.