RMA Policy

Policy on the Return of Excess, Expired, Over, Short and Damaged Goods.

Chief Medical (CMS, or the supplier) will accept returns of goods previously sold to its customers. The customer will make arrangements with Chief Medical’s customer service department prior to returning the goods.

Goods supplied incorrectly to the customer, or if shipped FOB destination and arrives at the customer in a damaged condition, will be accepted by Chief Medical for full credit. Chief Medical will assume cost for return transportation. (If shipped FOB CMS’s warehouse, or freight allowed, the customer will seek restitution from the carrier directly for goods damaged in transit).

CMS will accept expired goods it had sold to customers that have since expired. The customer will be responsible for transportation to Chief Medical’s warehouse, and disposal cost.

Because of our strict adherence to warehouse picking verification and Quality control’s overseeing shipping, it is unlikely that goods will be short shipped. CMS will, however, investigate all customer complaints in this regard, and promptly arrange for delivery of the missing goods freight prepaid. Goods shipped in excess of the quantity ordered by the customer may be returned to CMS for full credit, due regard given to the supplier’s rounding of order quantities to the nearest packaging or shipping multiple.

Mechanical devices (such as machines) are generally covered by a one year parts and labour warranty (expressed in a separate policy statement). General consumables and disposable items (such as gloves and masks) that fail to perform as intended, may be returned to the supplier (freight arranged by the supplier). Some consumables and disposables are regarded as medical devices or pharmaceuticals by Health Canada, and may be subject to a formal recall process. (Policy stated in a CMS SOP, approved by Health Canada.